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Loading and continuation

This function, which is included in some high-end models, is related to the previous section. Some robots with room mapping are able to know what they have cleaned and what they still need to clean, so if they run out of battery and have not finished, they will go to the base and, once charged, they will resume cleaning where they had left it.

In this way, in these cases, if the robot has this function, the autonomy it may have is no longer so important, since the retractable cord vacuum robot will continue its work to finish it.

Dirt detection

This function, which is included in some Roomba (Dirt Detect), allows the robot to detect, thanks to its acoustic sensors, or a combination of optical and acoustic sensors, the areas in which dirt accumulates, making more passes in those areas, to achieve better cleaning.


Full tank notice

Some robots may have an optical indicator to warn that the tank is full, or provide this information through the app. It is not a fundamental aspect, you simply have to empty the tank from time to time, but the fact is that some have it and others do not.


Although the robot works basically by itself, periodically some work has to be done.

Tank emptying

Emptying the tank is one of the most common tasks. The tank capacity, in liters, is important here. Typically, they are between 0.3 and 0.5 liters. Some robots have smaller deposits, which are a bit scarce; meanwhile, those that exceed 0.6 liters are good tanks, with the capacity for several cleaning cycles.

Roomba has taken an alternative in this regard, which for now does not provide any other brand. Its more advanced models, i7 + and S9 +, include a tower-shaped base, to which the robot will automatically empty itself, and which has a capacity for approximately 30 cleanings.

In this way, we can spend more or less a month without worrying about emptying (depending on the dirt that is there and the frequency of cleaning), and also, it is done in a hygienic way since it is stored in a bag, easy to collect, so that we do not have to come into contact with the dust.


Usually, the filters will be cleaned every few days. Some are washable, although most are not. It is an item that some manufacturers recommend changing every 3-6 months, although it can actually last longer.


As we have already mentioned, it is an element to take into account, especially in homes with pets, people with long hair, or carpets. Some brushes tangle less than others (especially interesting the rubber/silicone ones, like AeroForce from Roomba). Sometimes it can be interesting to opt for a robot without a central brush.

Both the central brush and the sides should be cleaned regularly, to free them of hair and dirt, and in this way, they can continue to do their job effectively. As in the case of filters, it is sometimes recommended to change them every 3-6 months, although with good care they can last much longer.

Spare parts

Both in the case of brushes and filters, it is possible that the robot includes a replacement, which always comes in handy.

It is also important to consider how easily spare parts can be obtained, and the cost they may have; sometimes, we may see an attractive robot (usually a Chinese model of a more or less unknown brand) but for which it is difficult to find spare parts. It is important to take them into account and verify that they exist before deciding on the acquisition of a robot.

Warranty and technical service

The warranty is an important aspect to consider. In purchases in Spain, the guarantee will be two years (during the first six months, it is presumed that the fault is in origin), and in Internet purchases, there is the right of withdrawal, so the item can be returned without more explanations, for 14 calendar days.

However, if we buy outside of Spain, it is possible that the guarantee is shorter (one year, for example) or that we have more difficulties to exercise it or to resolve any incident, both in relation to whom to speak to and in matters such as the language, for example.


Another aspect that for some users will be more important than for others, but that represents a compendium of many others.

The most recognized brands in the market and that have a long history have earned a respect for various reasons: good product performance, good value for money, excellent quality, great customer service… If they are in a dominant position in the market, it will be for something.

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