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Supply chain interruptions, social distance and closed shops: In the Corona crisis, many companies have not found it easy to continue their operations as usual. For them this also means: lost sales, savings in the marketing budget and thus also SEO.

They are therefore trying to find ways and means to save money. This can mean short-time work for employees, limited customer service or the temporary closure of stationary branches. And: Many companies are reducing their marketing in order to cut costs.

While that may make sense in some segments, site owners should not be doing less for search engine optimization right now. On the contrary: The Corona crisis offers them the opportunity to focus more on their positioning at Google & Co.

We show how and why companies should focus on SEO right now.

Why can companies score with SEO right now?

How does the corona crisis affect online marketing? This is why companies can score with SEO right now:

1. SEO is a long-term project

Site operators have invested a lot of work and thus money in optimizing online and offline. You have created a workflow that constantly reaches Google and users. This can be done through high quality posts or social media ads. The result: You have worked out a position that guarantees regular sales.

If companies suspend their search engine efforts during the Corona crisis, this has a direct impact on their ranking in the SERPs. And: It has an impact on reaching the target group. Search engine optimization is an ongoing long-term project that shouldn’t be interrupted.

After all, Google’s algorithm does not stop temporarily. Site operators should therefore continue to work on positioning their business online.

This can especially pay off now. Many companies see less engagement and falling sales figures on their pages. You are therefore pausing your online marketing strategy.

The problem: They fail to realize that they could lose their top position in a few months. And: that it can take months for them to recover from it. The coronavirus is now the chance for companies to overtake the competition and to establish themselves on Google and in the minds of users in the long term.

2. SEO also works independently of campaigns

Many companies combine search engine optimization primarily with the implementation of online marketing campaigns. Nevertheless, there are numerous measures that work independently. These can be technical approaches, such as creating sitemaps, or more holistic approaches, such as improving UX and page speed. Whether companies do this themselves or have it done by an agency – they benefit in the long term.

3. SEO is a pull marketing channel

Some services are simply less interesting for customers during the coronavirus. Still, companies shouldn’t stop their SEO. Because: It is a pull marketing channel . This means: website operators should still give users the opportunity to obtain information about their offer. To do this, they must continue to be present on the Internet. Users who are also looking for a service during this time should be able to find it as usual.

4. SEO content is often evergreen content

Content that site operators are now creating need not go unnoticed. Because: If selected correctly, you can write evergreen content that is just as important today as it will be in a year when the coronavirus has disappeared again. Even companies that are particularly badly affected by the corona virus, such as tour operators, can continue to produce high-quality content.

5. Time for better SEO skills

In some industries, many online marketing measures stand still. This gives site operators the opportunity to use the free capacities for ongoing measures. So, for example, you can work on deepening, improving and testing your SEO skills . This pays off at the latest when the world finds its way back to everyday life and users are looking for offers on the Internet as usual. Because: Companies have then placed themselves better in the SERPs.

6. SEO is possible in home work

SEO can be done from the home office during Corona.
SEO can be done from the home office during Corona.

Companies also have to ensure that the coronavirus does not spread any further. A physical distance between employees is therefore necessary. As a result, one or the other employee has to work from home.

This is possible without any compromises in the area of ​​SEO, as every measure simply takes place online. Our Seo services in Lahore works completely from home during the Corona period and continues to optimize the websites of its customers.

7. Users have more time

Many workers are currently forced to work from home. And: Even in their free time, they can hardly be found outside their own four walls. For many people, more time at home also means spending more time online. As a result, users are currently searching and browsing the web like never before .

How can companies optimize their SEO during Corona?

With these measures, website operators can improve their ranking in the Corona crisis:

1. Perform a content audit

Over the years, site operators have accumulated a lot of content. Even with a lot of attention, however, not every piece of content can succeed in such a way that it convinces users and Google alike. Companies can therefore use their

  • Website texts,
  • Blog posts,
  • Infographics,
  • Videos,
  •  Photos,
  • Whitepaper,
  • eBooks and
  • presentations

review and question critically. If there is still time after this audit, you can also evaluate the content that others have created about your own company.

You can ask yourself these questions, for example:

  • What high quality posts can they reuse for their own channels?
  • Which content received a lot of attention (clicks, reposts, shares, backlinks)?
  • Which posts have users directed to their own page particularly often?

Answers to this give website operators further impulses on how they can optimize their own content. This can be, for example, the linguistic improvement of texts, the optimization of keywords and CTA or the incorporation of new links.

2. Update content

There is not always enough time in day-to-day business to keep content and information up to date. Companies can therefore for example

  • Revise title tags and meta descriptions,
  • Update product descriptions,
  • Check target groups,
  • remove no longer available offers and
  • Update landing pages.

Search engines usually notice such updates quickly and reward them with a ranking boost.

3. Perform link building

We are all in the same boat in the Corona crisis. In order to keep their own business alive, site operators can initiate cooperation with other companies, for example. Many companies are likely to be particularly open to this during this time. Because: Everyone is currently grateful for their support. Possible link partners can be agencies or companies in the neighborhood, for example.

4. Schedule webinars

Webinars are becoming a popular channel with customers. This format is particularly popular in B2B. A recent study found that 91% of users prefer webinars as the online format for learning. For example, companies can answer FAQs, present new products or introduce new employees in webinars. This also has an impact on search engine optimization. Because: Different formats add value to a website.

5. Schedule videos

Similar to webinars, videos are also ideal for boosting search engine rankings. Site operators can, for example, tackle long tail keywords, position themselves better on YouTube or aim for placement in the featured snippets. You can also use videos as the basis for other formats. For example, you can use screenshots and quotes for your blog or social media.

6. Answer online reviews

Depending on the business, site operators receive countless comments and ratings on their offerings every day. The corona crisis gives them the opportunity to answer them and thus show their presence with customers. And: The evaluation of opinions can give companies important feedback, also for their ranking. It shows you where you are particularly present on the web and how users came across your offer. This is especially true for local companies.

7. Optimize Google My Business profile

With its My Business profile, Google offers companies the opportunity to communicate relevant information about their own business. You can therefore update changed opening times, new contact information or the business description and thus reach customers better. This may be necessary especially now. Many shops currently have different opening times. You should communicate this in your profile so that no consumer is in front of closed doors. And: More and more users are looking for local offers, so that an optimized My Business profile can have positive effects on the ranking.

8. Finding unnatural links

Unnatural links can cost companies many places in the SERPs. How strongly unnatural links can influence the ranking is shown by the example of a website that jumped into the top 3 within a few weeks by removing around 1,900 links. It works the other way around: After a website had implemented several thousand unnatural links on its page, it lost 82 percent of its traffic.

Even if these are two extreme cases, they show how important it is to only use “real” links. Companies should therefore check their content now and remove unnatural links.

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