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With Digital Marketing it is possible to promote the growth of your company in a fast, consistent and the best way, investing little. Want to know how to develop an efficient strategy? Find out now!

In the current market it is practically impossible to talk about Marketing and ignore the internet and all its advances. 

The main reason is: Marketing is important to study the market and the opportunities it has, so there is no way to ignore digital media and all their impact and influence on society.

The internet has given consumers more autonomy to make decisions, mainly because of the information that circulates quickly on the web.

Considering this reality, it was necessary for companies to change their way of positioning and acting, generating value, relating to the public and mainly selling. 

That’s why Digital Marketing is so important ! Even companies from all segments can use the internet to reach their audience, as long as they are online and looking for your service or product. In a simple way, Digital Marketing is used in order to consolidate the brand image before the market, generate authority, gain visibility and increase sales through direct relationship with the public.

Without further ado, do you want to know how to optimize your Digital Marketing? Check out 5 surefire strategies now!

1 – SEO

Acronym for Search Engine Optimization , SEO is a methodology applied in order to optimize pages according to Google’s requirements so that they become relevant and appear among the top positions in the search results.

Example: a user searches for “marketing agency” or “Seo company Dubai” on Google, the first results will be from the agencies that apply the SEO methodology on their website/blog.

Thus, it is likely that the person is looking for the service and is faced with content about “why hire a marketing agency”, and this stimulates their decision-making power.

The results with SEO are medium to long term, but are consistent. More traffic, market relevance, authority, improved brand image and more sales.

2 – Sponsored Links / Ads

Sponsored posts are ads in plain text format and can be used both on Google and on social networks.

On Google, specifically, ads appear before organic results according to the user’s search term.

For example: suppose that a user went to Google and searched for “ dental implant price ”. The results of this research are likely to be announcements about where to have a dental implant , clinics that offer treatment, and so on.

In social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, among others, the ads appear among the content and are segmented according to the profiles of users.

The main benefits:

  • Rapid increase in page traffic;
  • Greater reach;
  • Low cost;
  • Fast results;
  • Generation of potential customers (leads).

3 – Email marketing

The e-mail marketing are quite powerful when it comes to close relationships and lead conversion. Even gaining a base of contacts brings many benefits to the business.

In order for your e-mails to be assertive and bring the expected results, do not buy an e-mail base no matter how attractive it may be, as there are great chances that your contacts will not have the buyer profile for your product or service.

It is also important to be careful about sending promotional emails. Make your proposals, but do not use terms like “free”, “free”, “buy now”.

Choose a less aggressive term, because this way you win the audience through the relationship and prevent Gmail from sending your emails to the SPAM box.

The use of e-mail marketing is indicated to strengthen the relationship with the public because it is a direct communication channel, so work on your branding and not just send promotions.

4 – Content marketing

If your company wants to be well regarded in the current content market it is the secret!

A good idea is to have a blog, with which it is possible to deliver educational content in relation to your product, service and market, always focusing on problem solving.

What does this mean in practice?

Well, your blog should not only publish subjects in your segment with proposals or prospecting, but also the possible developments and possibilities of the market, based on the search intention of users.

Even with the example from the beginning, the user probably accesses the blog to gain some useful information. Think, if he searches on Google for something like “ tooth whitening price ”, the search intention boils down to the need or desire to perform the procedure.

Therefore, blogs should exist to solve any problems for users, this is a way to work on your company’s branding, generate authority, increase your website traffic and also close more sales.

Also invest in the creation of e-books, spreadsheets, videos, webinars, infographics and other materials in relation to your segment. Their idea is to provide the user with more detailed information that cannot be passed on blog content.

5 – Social networks

Social media is a wild card! Close relationship with the public, content creation, prospecting, sales, they involve everything.

But before you start working on any social network , study your audience and be aware of where they are and what they consume, this is the only way for publications and other actions to take effect.

From the moment the social network was chosen based on the study of public behavior and characteristics ( persona ), start creating content with tips, promises and that encourage engagement with followers.

Inserting Calls To Action in posts and pages (CTAs) is also a good way to drive followers and make them make a decision you expect. It may be downloading a material, signing up for a promotion, purchasing and so on, it depends on your fundraising strategy.

It’s time to increase results

In this content you discovered how to optimize your Digital Marketing in 5 tips that, if well applied, bring good results to your business.

It is also worth saying that there are many other strategies that were not mentioned here, but that can be equally effective, in fact it will depend on a series of factors such as: company objective, public response and so on.

Therefore, the ideal is to understand the behavior of your persona and carry out tests to conquer it. This means that the best Digital Marketing strategy is one that the public adheres to.

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